Tuesday, January 10, 2006

insomnia rocks

that's the new slang for *diamonds*. yeah, i'm a dork.

so anyway, woke up with the sudden urge to go run. like one of my 5 mi ventures. yipee. so, at 2:15am, as I reconsider this notion, i feel it necessary to inform you that i have found a whole new series of jobs to apply for, all at Georgetown University Hospital. (huh?) mostly administrative/support positions, but as long as they meet the money needs, i'll be fine. aw yeah bitches. It's gonna be just like ER. ahhahahahahahahaaghghagha!

"YO! Bring me that chart, STAT!!!"

i'm sorry, but could i get any further from actually using my degree?!? just checking. then again, if they've got a Mekhi Pfeiffer type roaming the halls... I think everything will be alllllriiiiiight. (And no, Rinny- the Jamaican Doc went to Howard, so no chance of running into him again. LOL)

speaking of which, i'm headed to the RIC this weekend. hopefully the weather will stay nice, cause i plan to stomp around downtown, 'round the VCU way on Friday, and take some happy photographs. if any future sugar daddies in the audience are reading, i'll take that Digital SLR anytime noooooowww... *wink wink*

anyway, maybe i'll take the Pentax, I just don't really have the cash to spend on developing film. and it's a heavy beast to lug around just in case I decide I wanna shoot with it (or any of it's fabulous interchangable lenses). Maybe I'll break out the Gwen Steffani camera again, and give it a try. Shit, I've already opened the bitch- maybe I should just keep it, though I'm still not terribly impressed with its picture quality. Nah. Sell it.

Speaking of which, the ebay extravaganzzzaaaaa begins Wednesday. If I could reclaim my brain, I'll take photos of a bunch of stuff on Wednesday, and put at least some stuff up for sale then as well. Maybe rather than going and running I should go pick out some items to list and do a little USPS research and figure out shipping rates and all that, so I can really get this rolling. cause i need dough before my next credit card bill is due. word.

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