Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I could quote people properly if I had my DVR back. :(

Ok. So, I'm standing here in my bathrobe, hair twisted up in a towel, listening to NBC4's morning news (which, may be the TODAY show, I don't have time for details here), sauteeing up a some garlic and mushrooms in a nice little pool of butter when I hear a rehashing of my favorite topic of the week (one which I'm sure contributed to my 43 blog views yesterday), The Port Management Conflict. (Yes, sucky title- I'm aware, but I'm still in the middle of making breakfast biatches.)

Of course, having listened to what I would approximate as 3 hours of "reporting" on this issue (over the course of the last 36 hours- not continuous), I was listening vaguely to see if there was anything new, but not giving it my full attention, since I'd just added tomato and broccoli to my breakfast concoction. They go to a clip of Rumsfeld, reminding us that he hadn't even heard of the sale until this past weekend, thus had no real good soundbites to offer since he hasn't had time for his staff to formulate them for him properly. It's then that we DO get to hear him say this, in response to a journalist :

Journalist: "Are you confident that any problems with security from what you know, are you confident that any problems with security would not be greater with a UAE company running this than an American company?

RUMSFELD: "I am reluctant to make judgments based on the minimal amount of information I have because I just heard about this over the weekend... We are not in the habit of holding an entire country responsible for the actions of a few people who happen to hold multiple passports."

ORLY?! (translation: Oh really?!) Cause, there's this little thing called "Operation Iraqi Freedom that was declared "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" back in May of 2003, and if I'm not mistaken, continues to be fought today, and uhm... we kinda waltzed in there and overthrew their entire government, because Bush had a vendetta against Saddam Hussein. Meanwhile Bin Laden is still on the loose, and our Marines are teaching Iraqis how to police and govern our newest Middle Eastern 'colony' while pulling down their national monuments. Our governemnt is contributing to the destruction of another nation's history.

Additionally, What Rumsfeld is saying, is that he was unaware that this little deal was in the works at all. Which is ironic, considering that he is a member of Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States. Thus, he was one of the gov't officials who unanimously approved the sale to the UAE held company on February 13. Hmmm... how is that possible if he says that he wasn't made aware of the deal until 5 days later...?

Anybody wanna try to explain that one...? ...Buller... ...Buller...?

ps. Hey Wonkette- I'm gonna need me a staff position if I'm gonna keep up this pace. Work on that isht, would ya? I'll cover overnights.

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