Monday, April 10, 2006

Maid of Dishonor

Agent Orange
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I went home to Richmond, Va this past weekend. Me and the man. Stayed at a rather jacked up Holiday Inn off Staples Mill, where we WILL be getting some shit comp'd, because the whole experience was positively UNREAL.

Somehow a bunch of kids staying on our floor got a key to our room, and busted in at a *seemingly awkward time*. It may have appeared as though we were having sex, when in fact I was just sitting on his lap doing surgery on a few ingrown hairs along his jawline. They busted in AGAIN about 30 minutes later, which is when I went out into the hall GUNS BLAZING because we'd just had security re-key the locks and give us new keys. I had security, front desk staff, and 2 chaperones out there yelling like hell.

Anyway, Saturday, I met up with Shannon Curtis to go get re-fitted for bridesmaids dresses (she's picked out separates- actually; a top and bottom) where she discovered that the skirt she wanted had been discontinued. C'est dommage.

I suggested she delay the wedding till October (the best month of the year) and we could paint jack-o-lantern faces onto orange dresses.

She was not amused.


Vasta said...

not saying that i've done this before...but you'd be surprised just how easy it is to crack the lock to a hotel room. especially the hotels with the fancy key cards.

just sayin'

(and orange is hawt.)

CorporateMonkey said...

lol! i think maybe i'll have a Halloween wedding... ;)

yeah- it seems that someone at the front desk likely GAVE them the key to our room, because ours was apparently the only room NOT associated with thier basketball tournament.


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