Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Snake in the Grass

Snake in the Grass
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what's it say over there in my profile?

"one of these days I'll get a puppy, and you'll never hear from me again..." ?

well, close enough. all the shots i've taken in the last month or so are pictures of Riley- taken with my cameraphone. Can you imagine what my photostream is gonna look like when I have kids?!

Be patient with me. I'll be unemployed by Saturday, and after a week at the beach I'll be trolling around DC landmarks and museums- hopefully producing far more interesting shots.


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Vasta said...

those dc museums and landmarks are awesome. can't wait for the photos, i'm sure they'll bring back some good memories of my two years there. that being said, riley is so cute, i totally don't mind seeing more shots of him!

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