Wednesday, February 28, 2007

still life

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this blog has been dormant for quite some time.
my apologies.

i've been active mostly over on livejournal, as a few groups i participate in over there have gotten most of my attention, as well as that darned 'ol myspace page- which i will be forever tied to as my non-technogeek friends still think it is the alpha and omega of social networking/blogging.


anyway, i am in the process of aquiring a few domains for business and personal use, one of which i intend on using for blog purposes- and my question to you (all... what- 3 of you who may read this?) is what tool/program/hosting service do you favor for blogging to an independantly owned site? I mean, I could say that this is really a question for Vasta (as I'm sure he knows it is), but I'm branching out and am open to any suggestions. I currently own one domain that is supported by Yahoo's hosting services, and I'm just not that impressed.

I'm sure there's something better out there- and I wanna hear about it.

thanks kids :)


Vasta said...

Tool is easy. Wordpress all the way. Super easy to use, free, extensible, and customizable. It has a great community around it too.

Hosting, I'm sharing space with my friend over at Dreamhost. I haven't had any problems with them at all. (They also have an automatic Wordpress installer so you never really have to install anything to get your blog up and going.) In fact, if you are planning on hosting with Dreamhost, let me know, we might be able to get you a discount with some referrer code or something.

Any other questions, feel free to drop me an email. =)

Alex said...

wow, I thought this blog was dead, and if it weren't for RSS, I would still think that!

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