Monday, April 02, 2007

She's Gotta Have It

Ok. So I'm gonna try to make this my last photo equipment purchase before the London trip, but no guarantees. What you see there is a small, flexible arm tripod. A Gorillapod. And I'm pretty sure I need one.

I hate the idea of lugging a tripod all over the place, but the idea of being able to attach my camera to stable objects (park benches, trees, sign posts, bed posts, etc.) amuses me GREATLY. It makes long exposures possible on the fly. I could do one of those pictures with like, 20 of me running around the frame (with a little photoshop magic of course). Most importantly, I can get some shots of me, in London, at more than an arms legnth away, and at some pretty fun and goofy angles. I already can't wait to find something in one of the pods of the London Eye to hang it around.

So yes- I think I need it. And a little searching around even got me a 15% off code because Flickr is rad. I'm looking forward to testing it out and sharing the results- because I'm pretty sure some of my fellow photog geeks are gonna want one too. I'll be investing in the Gorillapod SLR Zoom, because- well, that's what I have (my only lens is an 18-125, because i'm both spontaneous and impatient), and it supports up to 6.6lbs- ideal for a DSLR with a heavier zoom lens. woo!

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Vasta said...

That's a really neat product, I might need to invest in one of those. Someday. Also, is it wrong for me to say that I think the girl in the photo there is mucho cute?

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