Monday, July 21, 2008

halfway house

I'm a rather crafty monkey, and enjoy learning and doing new things. I also have an unfortunate tendancy to get real excited about a new project, then leave it to languish as i lose interest or become interested in the next big thing. I've thus decided to start a post here with all the things I've started (or planned to start), which need to be attacked full on, in an effort to simplify and get things down to a manageable level. NO MORE NEW PROJECTS! That's the mantra.

This will be my version of a declutter or destash. Lots of people are seeking to get rid of extraneous posessions, or simply stop aquiring more- but I need to complete all my projects. Supplies are taking over- it's time for some results!

1. tranferring records to MP3 via a USB turntable. (this is a chore i'm supposed to be doing for my dad & step-mom, and my payment is to keep the turntable. they're coming to visit in August, so I should REALLY get some of these done by then.)

2. painting my condo. now that i'm staying i should complete the orange stripe that is to go all the way around the living room, and maybe even paint my bedroom. Perhaps hang a picture in there? One that I've taken myself?

3. make an apron. i purchased fabric, notions, and a pattern awhile back, but have never gotten around to doing anything with it. time to get on it.

4. make knitting needle cases. just bought the fabric for these on Etsy.

5. make stitch markers. just bought the beads for them on Etsy, and I have some ideas for making variable needle size markers. they'll be ADORABLE.

6. making pickles! i bought canning stuff with pickles as my ultimate goal. no time like this summer.

7. i have prestreched canvases, an easel, and paints galore- purchased during a Black Friday sale. Yet no art has been completed..?

8. Now I have jaquard acid dyes for dying yarn! Oh heavens to murgatroid, this is getting out of control.

9. BOOKS! I have so many books that I haven't read, including one on loan from my favorite Canadian. I really need to tackle that soon, as i'm pretty sure he was waiting to read it till I sent it back, and... yeah. It's been way too long.

10. handpainted Christmas cards. I bought 2 sets in a sale and i'm supposed to handpaint them (paint-by-number! CUTE!), but 2 Christmases have passed and they have NOT been completed. I'd better start working on these now. I mean next weekend. I mean...

I don't know how or when I'm gonna get all this done, but I think organization is key. Getting all my isht in order so that I can actually attack projects in an organized way is the new mission. And I'll get right on that- sometime next week.

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Nell said...

Just take one thing at a time. You can do it all. But don't OD on any one thing. That'll keep you more motivated.

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