Saturday, August 16, 2008

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Just 15-20 minutes outside of downtown DC is there is this whole other world full of trees, waterfalls, deer, and trails. Melissa and I got up EARLY to go hike a bit of Great Falls National Park, somewhere I've been wanting to check out for awhile but just never made the effort to go.


I'm soooo glad my friends and I share our Google calendars so that I could piggyback onto her little excursion, because the weather was lovely, the views spectacular, and there were so many people out with their dogs for us to meet and pet! There were also a couple of kayakers up in the white water near the falls, who we later ran into as they were exiting the river. (Those photos are coming later.) The kayaking launch sites are quite steep and rocky- no way could I launch around there.


We also talked about trying to organize a bigger group of knitting friends to bring out here for an afternoon of hang out, knitting, and picnicking, which I look forward to BIG TIME. Ahhhhhh nature. Melissa was also super patient with all my photo-taking (hopefully Eliza will be equally forgiving when I drag my camera along to our Restaurant Week lunch at Bistro Bis this afternoon). Such a shutterbug am I. And did I mention we met up at 7AM?! (ok, ok... more like 7:15am... what can I say, that snooze button's a KILLER.)

making tracks

I've posted a few photos to Flickr, but of course there are more to come. A large waterfall is under the cut. (And how happy am I to have internet access at home once again?!? SO HAPPY!!)



Nell said...

Great photos! You're inspiring me to get out in the beautiful surroundings I have as well. Thanks!

blog said...

I loved that you were taking photos. They are fantastic BTW. Can't wait to hear about lunch. :)

Pecos Blue said...

It is lovely there for sure. Rock creek has great trails too. We used to hike there every weekend.

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