Monday, September 22, 2008

Yes He Can

My friend Vasta is good people. He does a lot of blogging, tweeting, photography, and creative writing, and I generally enjoy reading and learning about his life as he esperiences it. He is inspiring.

On that note, he has entered a little contest which states he must receive 25 comments on a blog post about why he'd like to attend a Carsonified event in 2009- and I'd like to help him get there. Mostly because I know that he'll take full advantage of the experience, offer the most passionate account of what he learns there, and then put that newfound knowledge to good use.

What better reason can there be? Please head over to his blog post and leave him a comment to help him reach the necessary 25- then if you're so inclined point your friends that way too. Good deed for the day = done.


Anonymous said...

You just made my day. Thank you so so much.

CorporateMonkey said...

i just hope it works! :)

Nell said...

Done. And Done.

CorporateMonkey said...

Thanks Nell! :)

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