Monday, October 27, 2008

in absentia

I've been away for awhile, both from blogging and just plain out of the country. But one thing that's got me thinking is the idea of Absentee Voting. The media is predicting an icredible turnout for this year's eleciton, and quite honestly- if the line is too long for me to vote in the morning before work, I don't know how I'll stand around for 2-8 hours into the night waiting to get my turn at the touchscreen. Remember 2004 when there were machine problems? And voter turnout was so huge that the polls were kept open later so everyone could get in the door? Do you think there won't be some riotous activity when they shut those doors at 10 or 11pm and there are still people outside in line? Cause I'd rather not be in that line then, thanks.

Apparently, anyone in the state of Virginia (and many other states) can vote in person via absentee ballot in your local state registrar's office up until November 1st. (The date to mail in your ballot is tomorrow, so uh... too late. And personally, I wouldn't trust emailing or faxing my vote in- would you?) Additionally, Virginia is considered highly vulnerable to poll tampering, as 76% of all votes cast will be done on electronic voting machines, which are highly susceptible to hacking. I can't decide if absentee is a good idea or if I should just get up suuuuuuper early and get in line around 5am on November 4th to be one of the first couple hundred in the door on Election Day.

What do you think? Have any readers already voted this way, or are you now considering it? Here are some Tips to Get Your Vote Counted, get absentee voting information (an Obama supported site), and info from the Virginia State Board of Elections.


Eliza said...

What exactly IS absentee in person? Can I just go vote now and get it over with? And if so, can I still vote in the local elections? B/c I heard those aren't included there.. I'm so confused. Maybe I'll just knit me a new sweater while waiting in the poll lines....

CorporateMonkey said...

From what I understand you first have to apply for an absentee ballot, and the application must be recevied by 5pm TOMORROW. application here. It can be filled out electronically then submitted via fax or email.

Then I believe you go to the Registrar's office to vote on or by November 1st. It's all very strange, and suspicious, and you have to wonder if there aren't some loopholes that will prevent your vote from being counted properly, you know?

I'll prolly just show up in line on election day too, with my newest Chunky Kolhaas attempt.

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