Monday, December 29, 2008

on retention

I used to keep dozens of text messages in my phone long after they were received. At one point, I even had some from the first few months of when i owned it, as well as texts from memorable dates or documenting important events. However, after a few mishaps and network problems that caused many of them to be erased (thanks Danger), I've been more of a text deleting ninja lately- rarely allowing text to sit in my inbox beyond the first few minutes after they've been read.

It's part & parcel with my new attitude towards storage and retention- and the concept of holding on to things long after they've served their purpose. I attach easily to objects, often for the memories they trigger rather than their actual value or usefulness. Just as i find myself tossing household goods, clothes, and old documents, i'm also trying to deal with corespondance quicker. Answering emails as soon as I finish reading them, returning phone calls, and opening the mail as soon as i get home to keep it from piling up. I'm doing dishes as soon as I finish cooking, folding my clothes right out of the dryer- before starting the next load.

So basically, i'm trying to change some of my habits. This process doesn't happen overnight of course, but i'm pretty happy with my clear kitchen counter, empty kitchen sink (but full dishwasher), and only 10 text messages that are allowed to sit in my inbox. Curious as to what made the cut? I've listed them below by date, but without any author information. It's more fun that way.

07/17: My foot is getting better. I walked all the way to the nearest bar!
09/28: Crafty! O, I NEED UR ADDRESS. Why did that come out all caps?
10/03: Glad it turned out good. welcome to the global club girlie
10/04: Congrats...but your moms gonna shit herself
10/29: You deserve more than he can offer right now. You just need to decide if you want to wait to see if that will ever change.
11/21: @corporatemonkey: Jason **** told me he's doing this just to piss you off. Him & Katy perry are in cahoots.
12/19: Do u nedd a rid
12/19: I don't know what right now. I'm still in the back. Also balloons, 99 of 'em.
12/21: You aren't a sucker. You came onto him REMEMBER. That takes balls girl.
12/21: @corporatemonkey- props for taking the leap tho... more chx shld do that.

I can already see 3-4 that will prolly get tossed over the next month or so, but the ones I've kept make me laugh, feel good about choices I've made, show me what great friends and family I have, remind me that I will almost always deserve better than what I have come to expect, and that I've got guts (and know how to use them). And in that case, they are all still serving their purposes. Which means they get to stay.


sillydoggies said...

Love you honey. Glad you seem to be pulling out of the funk...

Nell said...

Those are hilarious. I can just imagine what's going in each scenario.

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