Friday, January 06, 2006

my goodies

new new new
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got some new goodies from BAF today. o-rings plugs and studs and such.

can't sleep cause i think someone's upset with me. or not upset, but suspicious. and since i'm being *good* it really sucks. maybe i'm jumping to conclusions. maybe i'm being overly sensitive. if you see this post edited mid-day, well... you'll know.

and i have court in the morning. court. I should totally be asleep right now so I don't sleep through it like i did on my last court date. suck suck suck.

i need to go to the bank tomorrow and deposit some checks so that i can make a bunch of payments to other people. bye bye money. i must quickly find alternate methods of earning income.

just for kicks, let me say i actually had a really good day, all things considered- right up until about 5pm. It's the little things man. I never should've gone to work tonight. I should've called out sick and then I would've discovered that I wasn't on the schedule for tonight in the first place. I might have a had a good night.

i just went to get the mail... nothing good there. I've got some serious conversations to have with Tmobile tomorrow. They owe me about $200. arg. hey- look how quickly my evening went to shit. i guess i've been in a good mood for too long. pendulum's gotta swing back eventually.

i don't feel good.

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