Saturday, January 07, 2006


omg. got sooooooo drunk @ holiday part last night. if you got a call.... uh... sorry? heh. yeah. drunk. like, sick drunk. I'll spare you the details, but there was deffinite ralphage. I'm just hoping that the 3 guys in the parking lot that saw me weren't from my company.

so drunk. like the most drunk i've been in years. prolly since college. ugh. i had 6 long island iced teas (well, 5 technically- since apparently the first one was a texas tea). We were each issued 2 drink tickets, and i got 2 more from the wife of a coworker (1 of which I later had to give back when she realized she could use 'em for bottled water), 1 from "The Voice", and another from... I don't remember. lol.

And throughout the evening I ate salad (drowned in ranch), 3 shrimp, some greenbeans, a potato with cheese bacon sour cream and butter, some chicken, and chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. are we starting to understand why i got sick?

food copious amounts of alcohol = blegghghhghghchhchhghhgchchcchh

i never even got around to playing any games! i was in the banquet room drinking, talking, etc. with all the folks i haven't seen in awhile. i did manage to gank a bunch of extra point cards though, so the next time i'm in the area, i'll be all set. so anyway, evening pretty much ends, and i'm saying goodbye to Scott and Dan, when something internal tells me to go to the bathroom, where I start the ralphing spree. At least I didn't get ill in the billiards room. Some other chick in the bathroom says she's gonna go get me some gingerale or somethign and I tell her I'm fine- thanks. lol A few minutes later I stumble out and weave my way through the DB employees who are clearing the room, wave at someone I know (who now I'm almost sure could smell what I'd just been doing. damn.), get out the door, down the elevator, out to the parking lot and into my car. then comes wave 2. Fortunately I got the door open so I didn't get sick in my car. This is when I notice the 3 guys going to their car. Dammit. I'm pretty sure I know who it was too. What a bummer. At least they didn't come over to check on me. That would've sucked massive.

Passed out in the car (like I'd been saying I'd prolly do all night), and was woken up somewhere around 3:30-4am by a security guard. He told me that I couldn't sleep there. OH. OK. I'LL JUST DRIVE HOME IN THIS MOST EXCELLENT CONDITION THEN. FUCKER.

things i may have done last night:
may have shown a coworker my boob
may have set a preliminary plan to smoke with a coworker
may have admitted to a coworker that i would've slept with him 2 years ago
may have told a coworker about 2 of my less visible piercings

slept till around 4. needed it. haven't gotten sick since i left D&B. drank a shit ton of water. i should be drinking more right now. ate some chicken noodle soup & a turkey sandwich. should've gone with just the soup though. arg. so glad i got that new quilt. i need a shower. i also need to go clean the doorframe of my car. (yeah- i know i said i didn't get sick in my car, and that's true. but the doorframe was not so lucky. I have to go to the office tomorrow to print out a few hard copies of my resume and a sheet of references only for Monday's interview. I'd really like to not feel sick at my interview. That'd really piss me off. Stupid alcohol. ugh. I don't think I'm ready to clean the car yet. boy am i glad i didn't take the camera.

on the upside, i lost another 3lbs. cool.

i could really stand to be in ft. lauderdale right now. and some honey nut cheerios.

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