Saturday, January 14, 2006

take me out

my favorite district music venue is the 9:30 club in northwest. i've seen who knows how many shows there, from george clinton to third eye blind. and i missed the roots show in late december (d'oh) due to a lack of funds.


there are practically no shows coming up that i have any desire to see, except for the RJD2 show on feb. 4th. the only problem here, is that i was introduced to rjd2 by an ex, and i'm not entirely sure if he is still living in the city, or if he's returned to his home state of jersey (he was living here while attendint george washignton university law school), and if he is still living here, i'm almost positive that he would be going to the show.

i really don't feel the need to ever run into him again, considering the terms of our breakup. i know that this shouldn't keep me from attending the show, or any other social event for that matter, but at the same time, it's just some awkwardness that i don't need in my life. also, i can think of about a dozen other ways of spending the $20 ticket cost. plus, i can't think of anyone that would want to go with me, due to their lack of funds, or just lack of interest in the music. arg.

i guess i'll just wait and see if the show sells out, or if i get a job before we get closer to the show date. because as much as i'd like to go, who knows what could come up between now and feb. 4th. my luck with concerts has been pretty low recently anyhow.

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