Wednesday, January 25, 2006


i feel the need to warn you all that hell, has in fact, frozen over.

my workers compensation checks were mailed out today. OMG.

so who wants to go to Tijuana? I hear they put on a mean donkey show.

oh, and i sold my first item on eBay finally! yay! I sold my Kate Spade Palm Pilot case for $30 to some girl in Hawaii! When I take it to the post office to ship I'll take one of the cameras and determine the shipping cost so that I can put those up for sale the next day.

i also found out what happened to my lost porno movie. i'd loaned it to my ex. (d'oh! and apparently i gave him the other one for his birthday, which is fine- cause it really sucked.) when he gave it back to me it had $100 cash inside, which means later tonight i'll be buying a piece of cheesecake and a ticket to the Floetry & Common concert.

money, cheesecake, porno, and floetry. today's the best day i've had in weeks.

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Vasta said...

money, cheesecake, porn, and common (i like floetry, but common, now that's awesome):

now that's my kind of day. glad things are going well, and heck, if i had the time, i'd totally be going to that concert with you!

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