Tuesday, February 21, 2006


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Hey, I have this great idea.

With the country's perception of the republican party parked safely in the bottom of a waste bin like so much surgically discarded buckshot following weeks of wide eyed astonishment at the fact that "Big Brother" is, in fact, not only watching but also listening, what should we do to show the public that they're still staying on top of all possible terror alerts and keeping our country safe from foreign terror threats?

Gosh, let's allow the (already internationally) outsourced management contract of 6 major US seaports to be sold to the United Arab Emirates. Because who better to run the operations of all import and export procedures in Baltimore, NYC, Dirty Jerz, New Orleans, Miami, and Philadelphia? Certainly not a company owned and operated by US citizens, that could provide thousands of jobs to some of the USA's unemployed. Oh wait, I forgot, everyone in those major cities already have jobs. Crap. No. Let's allow the company that currently holds this contract to be sold to a company owned by the UAE, a country that facilitated the transfer of money to the 9/11 hijackers. I mean, they've already used their own ports to transfer illegal nuclear materials into Iran, North Korea, and Libya- so why not give them access to our ports as well?

Have you started to wonder who WAS running these ports before the sale? Why, it's a London based company. Huh? I don't know. Apparently national seaport management is not a priority of our anti-terrorism plan, though it is certainly one of the most vulnerable of our international trasportation industries. The U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States apparently had no objections over the concept of a foreign company controlling US seaports.

Yeah.... Absorb that isht for a minute. I mean, their support of terrorist activities aside, I feel pretty uncomfortable about granting port control to a country that doesn't even permit it's citizens to look at pictures of my boobs on the internet.

Did I forget to mention that the UAE would also have control of two Texas ports (Corpus Christie and Beaumont) which are responsible for the shipping of approx. 40% of Army equipment cargo for Operation Iraqi Freedom? Genius. Way to shoot yourself in the face GOP.

So who else is ready to go expat?


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