Saturday, February 04, 2006

shameful selfless promotion

(x-posted from myspace... that should explain any strange randomness... sorta*not*really. lol)

2am. i'm feeling extremely detached from everyone and everything. and i don't like it.

it's been a long week. and i've now determined that in addition to all the other things i haven't had in a week, i've been sleeping alone for more than 2 weeks. Since before I went to visit Mike & Shannon. This explains the rampant insomnia.

while reading some of my new favorite blogs, i've come to the conclusion that mine is soooo completely self absorbed and lame. but i'm one who tends to write for an audience, to amuse and entertain ya'll with my ridiculousness and stupidity. (self-depriciation) which tends to work till i start whining (ya know- like now).

anyway, you'd think that i mostly read fluff, but in fact, i'm loving the hell out of all these smart blogs. i've stopped all attempts to follow politics in any way (save my nightly 3am CNN/CSPAN/Fox News viewing session... when there's nothing on but them and the Magic Bullet infomercial...), and fall back on this guy. Cause really, criticism of news is better than the news itself. For seething judgemental criticism of dc government policy and concert information (which is really all they talk about anymore), i rely on DCist. My Canadian long-lost-brother sameer vasta combines international political smarts with good taste in music and amazing writing skills which are only hinted at on his blog. He's got that kind of educated worldly optomism that actually gives me a little hope for the future of our planet, that maybe we won't all blow each other up if he gets put in charge; also the side of me that wants to be a nice person with a 'normal' life could have a bit of a crush on him, but i already know i'm not nearly good enough for him. Nor do I live in Toronto. (though he loves hip hop, Nabokov, and Salinger- it's a no brainer.)

the rest is fluff, more complaining about all things DC, and cute boys.

speaking of which... i've waited all night for a phone call from a cute boy. i think it's time to get some sleep already. especially since i gotta be up in 4.5 hours to spend all day in traffic school.

tomorrow (or sunday), we'll discuss all the lovely bad press that Myspace has been receiving as of late, due to all the reckless teenagers and sex offenders leaving their little e-tracks all over MY INTERNET. (screw you Al Gore, I made this isht while you were still playing with Mr. PotatoE Head...) Remember the good 'ol days when you could have cybersex with ex-convicts from the privacy of your parents' study on an old 386? ...uhhhh... me neither.


Vasta said...

crush on me? aw shucks, i'm blushing!

ah, but in all reality, i'm not much of a catch -- after all, i am addicted to magic bullet infomercials.

(that link also proves that the good writing on my blog is just a stroke of luck. most of the time, you'll get silly stuff like that.)

CorporateMonkey said...

i mentioned the magic bullet conversationally @ a superbowl party, and the room full of adults (read: persons over the age of 50) had no idea what i was talking about. it was then i realized that i keep all the wrong company...

and what can i say? i find you pretty awesome. i'll have to make canada a stop on my *meet the flickrites* world tour! :)

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