Friday, February 03, 2006

in maaahh eyyyyyyyye

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i am, essentially, the most boring person on the planet right now.

i bought my floetry/common ticket. going alone. not happy about that, but at least i'm going.

i need a haircut. not sure if i'll be able to wait till summer to do the hair donation. maybe i'll just get a trim instead, but... i dunno. maybe february is just a month for change.

ebay is good, ebay is great, but ebay is also full of f*cking morons.

top 10 reasons i should not be allowed to watch reality tv:
1. i always root for the *hot* (read:black) guy on Survivor, who always turns out to be an asshole. (and if you call me during the show, like the telemarketer from Bank of America did last night, you will get a fierce tongue lashing- as he did. And not the good kind.)
2. jodi needs to get her skanky hands off Alton on RW/RR: The Gauntlet 2. she's far to whiney/bitchy/annoying/nasty to be hittin that.
3. there is absolutely no value in The Gastineau Girls.
4. there hasn't been a fat chick on RW since the London cast. This will be my new personal mission.
5. My Own just rewards people for acting the most like someone they're not, ya know- the foundation of any good relationship.
6. is Trading Spaces even still on?
7. everytime i watch Miami Ink, i start thinking about how cliche all of my tattoo ideas are. and that just pisses me off and gets me further and further way from actually getting inked.
8. The Amazing Race is an addiction like no other; on par with the days of olde when Rinny, Caroline and I would gather in front of the warm glow of the box to watch Survivor, The Apprentice, and E.R. (Dr. Carter's coming back next week!! eeeeeeee!)
9. I gave up on American Idol after watching the season premiere, due to my extreme disappointment in the portrayal of the people & city of Greensboro, NC. (they should've gotten at least 1 mini-Anthony Hamilton down there.)
10. Big Brother... what could this year's twist possibly be? Will they put in a political figure like the UK did with a top barister? Highly doubtful. Really, they should just put cameras in the whitehouse, which would certainly turn the tables on all this 'spying for the sake of security' bullshit. Cause they shouldn't have anything to hide... right? aghghahgaaa "Big Brother... watching Big Brother" Get right on that CBS.

off to BJ's now for butter, veggies, and honey garlic chicken wings. I have every intention of going to The Ntl. Gallery, The Natural History Museum, and The Ntl. Aquarium (which i've never been to) next week, all in DC, sometime during the day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If anybody wants to go/has a day off or time during the day, let me know. and yes- there will be cameras. you'll love it.

and it's been a week since i had a cigarette, and a week + without sex. WTF IS GOING ON?!?

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Vasta said...

i don't watch reality tv (or much tv at all for that matter) so i'm totally lost as to what you're talking about, but i'll pretend i do. :o)

and don't worry about going to concerts get to meet some really super awesome people that way. i went to the little brother/fort minor concert alone this past week, and had tons of fun.

and i dunno, but i think it's a season of drought, at least for me. three weeks without a cigarette, five weeks without sex. but i've gotten used to it (sadly) by now.

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