Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"that's just my baby daddy..."

this little audio post is a prime example of why:
(a) i love audioblogging
(b) audioblogging will most certainly be my undoing.

so uhm... yeah. i think it kinda speaks for itself, but i'd be fair to say that i should deffinitely hang up when i verbally acknowledge the fact that i am trippin'.

this is an audio post - click to play


Vasta said...

i have spent sooo many (perhaps too many) frivolous and inebriated nights on the key bridge. thanks for bringing back some great memories. :o)

E said...

ahahaha, this was like a fluke trip. on some boredom shit.

them> "hey... what about those comic shops you were talking about in dc?"
me> "oh yeah... we should go someday"
them> "why not tommorow?"
me> "ok ..bet"

I got yer message like... last night? Ahahha, SOOOoo sorry. I was hanging with those 3 you saw me with on top of bumping into one other person who called two other people.

dont go like... sending abombs to my house or something lol, totally off hand no planned trip.


E said...

...this was cute, but the message I GOT was more funnier and less pissed-off sounding?

CorporateMonkey said...

OF COURSE the one you got was less pissed off sounding! geek. i left your message first. before i got kinda pissed. hence, the change in tone.

psssh. you ain't sorry. s'cool though. you did what you wanted and had a good time with your people so don't apologize.

i know you well enough to know that any further discussion of it would really just be an exercise in futility. but don't mistake this admonition for forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

I dont see the need for 'forgiveness' of anything really. It was what it was, nothing more nothing less.

If i called you everytime i came thru your area(which is more than i make public)... KNOWING full well i wouldnt be seeing you b/c of the running around/catching up with college chums id be doing id be just as fustrating knowing i was there than not at all.

I hope whatever hatred or WHATEVER has subsided by the time you get back around to checking this blog.

Its not like I was alone or was the one driving; ie: the times YOU come thu HERE. only reason ive posted this is because im feeling all kinds of guilty and bad... for no real reason.

CorporateMonkey said...

nah- you're right. no need for forgiveness. i'd just been off all morning (well, since december) and it would've been way cooler to get a phonecall saying 'hey- we're going to the comicbook store, wanna meet me there?" rather than just seeing you on the street.

in any case. i'm not mad at 'cha. for real. it was my mistake. besides, i'd never want ya to call me out of guilt.

Anonymous said...

That was some funny shit, yo. Fo real.
But fo real baby girl, don't be sweatin on that playa. He ain't nothin. I mean fo sho yous ain't talkin, playa ain't frontin like yous talkin.
And damn, if playa was talkin shoot I be like see ya. Hand in the face crazy bullshit.
Nobody best be treatin no lady like that.
Stay tough baby girl and don't let no playa freak yo shit out.

E said...

wow... you're intellegence surpasses mine on such a level that any retort i give would be pointless.

im amazed you can even work a computer to make that statement... or whatever that was.

i wish i WAS a player.

CorporateMonkey said...

this went from *mildly tense* to hella amusing real quick. heh. quit freakin' my shit out e!

heheeheheeee... XD

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