Monday, February 13, 2006

mmm... grape soda

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i like cheese and grape soda.

i'm currently in the process of removing all tell tale signs of personality and individuality from my appearance. bye bye nose stud (replaced with clear retainer- i'm not about to let it close up), black nail polish, fun/comfortable/cool clothes, red acrylic plugs in my ears, oh- and my smile.

it's back to work tomorrow. sorta. i have to go to an audio training class. which is good really, cause i think i get a certificate, which will benefit me regardless i suppose. i can always use more audio training. however, i have no idea where i'll be "working" tuesday or any day thereafter. it's not even something that my boss and i have discussed. why you ask?

well, i suspect that when he meets with me tomorrow @ the training session, he anticipates that i will be wearing my nose stud and he'll try to fire me for it on the spot. alas, not gonna happen.

so where will i be tuesday? i don't know. so weird. the last 30 hours or so have been pretty strange/bad. in any case, i'm off tomorrow morning to see what will happen.

oh, and my bruises from the blood draw are awesome.

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