Tuesday, February 14, 2006


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ok, so short version: i have failed sexless february. and i'm not happy about it.

i'd really rather not divulge the details, but... uhm. yeah. i'm not gonna. but seriously- don't give me no shit. technically, I didn't get any from Jan 19th - Feb 13th, and performed no favors since Jan 23rd. and that's a long ass time. well, for me anyway.

still commendable if you ask me. and no, it wasn't fake holiday inspired.

additionally, if i'm gonna continue to try and get back to my good girl roots, i need to stop being such a nice girl. cause though it was my choice, i feel kinda used. something's just not right when the only way i can comfort someone is to fuck 'em.

nope. not a happy monkey. time to hit the showers and go get some free booze.

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