Saturday, February 18, 2006


I'm falling for you!
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this was posted on flickr by one of my favorite lj bloggers, which i suspect is the valentine's day card she was fawning over in some posts earlier this week. i'm so disappointed.

aaaaaaaaaand i think it's enough for me to finally stop reading her isht. while most of it is inane whineyness (much like my blogs), some of it is mildly clever, and part of me suspects that she is, in fact, what i would look like thin & with a lip ring.

and i know that posting that card isn't any kind of personal attack on me, and given all the recent 'newsiness' on political cartoons and how it's freedom of the press and all that the fact that i am upset by this may be totally hypocritical... but i don't really care at the moment cause it's disturbing to me on a very personal level. Don't get me wrong- I'm not upset that it exists, I'm just sad that someone I 'associate' myself with (virtually, as it were...) would be amused by it. Just one of those things I guess.

twin towers humor will never be funny to me.


Sean Santa said...

that makes one of us



Anonymous said...

Haha same here.
The funny thing is, my boyfriend did this and posted it on Fark. *Sigh* You post something on fark once and it ends up all over the web and never goes away.

This was my V-Day car :P
Thanks Saladpuncher!


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