Thursday, March 02, 2006

by choosing to read this, you forfeit the right to make fun of me...

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i don't believe that i've mentioned the fact that I feel genuinely guilty for the fact that I have no strong male role model here for little man.

it was really bothering me last night, as it usually does when i go to bed alone. and it's really dorky and stupid, cause he's a dog. But I feel so bad, like I should've had a daddy all lined up for him, and now that he's here, I don't wanna just be parading random men through the house. Having a dog may just turn me monogamous.

omg. i'm nevar having kids.


Vasta said...

monogamy? noooo! the horror!

hehehe...well, at least you know you luv the little guy. :o)

Diamond Jewelry said...
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