Friday, March 03, 2006

...cause nothing even matters.

I love love luurrve this song. For some reason lately I've been pondering my favorite love song, and currently the Lauryn Hill & D'Angelo duet 'Nothing Even Matters' (from Lauryn's Miseducation album) is top of the pops. Below is a sample of me warbling a verse... my apologies to your former ear drums. :o/

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sammygeerock said...

The next American Idol? Hah just kiddin' I dig your blog. How f-in' cute is your puppy????

CorporateMonkey said...

yeah... heh- i'm a geek. i actually did audition for american idol when they came to dc back in... 2004? ug. ::shudders::

and the puppy- *squee*! so cute. he's adoramable.

sammygeerock said...

Geeks are adoramble.

CorporateMonkey said...

I'n a new SAT question:

CMonkey is a geek.
Geeks are adoramable.

Therefor, CMonkey is adoramable ______.

a) some of the time
b) all of the time
c) never
d) get back to work slacker!!

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