Thursday, March 09, 2006

less blog more action

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aye yo.

I haven't been blogging much lately out of a high workload and general exhaustion. This puppy's got me running kid.

I should be asleep right now. And I'm going, I swear. I can't be late tomorrow, or Secret Service won't let me in.

And now that I've mentioned Secret Service, may I just say that they are deffinitely in my top 10 types/groups of men. It's that authority thing. SS Agents, cops, Marines... many can take that uniform and translate it into hotness, when they don't use it to act like assholes. The guy that had the responsibility of wanding us as we entered the office was pretty cute for a white boy. And that cop that pulled me over in December... well, the opportunity to oogle him some more is the only reason I went to court.

So, uhm. yeah... I'm working like mad, but hopefully I'll get this weekend off and fill you in a little, and catch up on my favorite bloggers as well. I feel terribly negligent. o_O


Vasta said...

i did a short stint as an undercover event security guard. i got to wear a fancy suit and a non-descript ear piece. people looked at me like i was da man. i'll admit i only did it to impress the ladies (and it worked). :o)

CorporateMonkey said...

hell yeah it worked! cause ladies love men who (at the very least) convey the sense that they are in control, or in a position of authority.

rawrrr! lol

Vasta said...

damn, i knew i should have been a cop instead of a writer. writers are as far from being in control as it gets. :o)

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