Wednesday, March 15, 2006

thank you consolidated deity (or, Jeebus- if you prefer)

Just now leaving work after a house-light op shift that started at 7pm, and was immediately followed by load-in for a waaaay bigger show. (And please keep in mind, that I also worked today from 5:30am, to 3:45pm, before tonight's shift.) Load-in continues, but I, ladies and gentlemen, am on my way home to my baby puppy monster, to get mercilessly gnawed on for being away from home so much today.

During load in, I correctly tied the outside lighting company into our DMX circut, lowered and raised battons full of newly hung gear without bringing down the ceiling or the fly system, provided mildly adequate information concerning our video system, and drove a scissor lift through a doorway with approx 1/2" of clearance (not on each side, but both sides combined; that's about a quarter inch on each side, and NO SCRATCHES!!) plus 5 inches of clearance on top.

No one was killed, nothing exploded or fell down and went boom.

This is how I measure success these days. Oh- and I only smoked one cigarette today, and it was after a particularly intense session of getting my ass thrown under the bus by our RVP. Crying was minimal also, and mostly related to the fact that I feel like I'm over-neglecting my puppy.

Happy Wednesday.

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