Monday, March 13, 2006

wear Eternity and I'll make you waffles

hot mess
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According to my credit card bill, I haven't smoked in one month and 5 days. Yay for me. This job is seriously testing that fact though. I really wanted one on Friday when all the boys were smoking outside. I went to just stand in their nicotine filled cloud and be nostalgic. And it kinda was, like the air in my grandparents' living room after my grandfather finished a cigarette, but other than that, 'eh. Getting over it. And I can taste it when I kiss my smoker-ex, can smell it on him when he gets in the car, and i won't let him smoke in the car anymore. He says he wants to quit, and I hope he's serious. It'd be a welcome change.

Nearly all weekend plans came crashing down, due to exhaustion, flakiness, and/or miscommunication. Friday, Rinny and I were too exhausted to get gussied up and go to the fashion party, and we both got caught working late, so we just watched "I Heart Huckabees" and ate Taco Bell. We're so damn healthy. Then all the DC Metro Flickr'rs started flaking early Saturday morning concerning the activity planned for that night. With plans on seriously shaky ground, I went to have Chinese with my step-dad, and let Riley play with Moose (mom's Yorkie). Then watched Saturday Night Live while monkeying around on the computer like a dork. Today (Sunday), I got an early morning page that plans were off to go see Ariana's show, and called Jason to let him know we could go to work earlier to hang a bunch of banners. The later discovery that tickets, had in fact been set aside, came unfortunately too late to drive up in time to make the show and change plans with Jason again.

So now, tonight, I've gone to work, picked up dinner @ Subway (bad bad bad broke girl), watched "Grey's Anatomy", walked the dog (twice), and I am now contemplating giving him a bath. HOWEVER, I think I'll just let his ass stink instead, cause I'm sleepy, and a skosh depressed over the continuously empty state of my bed.

Because my favorite thing in the world is when my sheets smell like the man who's just spent quality time in them (which once lasted over a week, and probably contributed to my harcore crush), and my bed has smelled like nothing but me and 'Beach House' fabric softener for far too long.

1 month as of March 16th, to be exact. Yep. Without even trying. Shoot me now. Perhaps I'm revirginizing. I certainly haven't quit the kegels; I don't even notice that I'm doing it half the time. Should be a nice surprise for the next occupant. ;)

Was that TMI? Then clearly you haven't been reading long. So welcome to the dollhouse.


sammygeerock said...

What about Bannana Republic Classic? Does that only warrant cereal and burnt toast?

CorporateMonkey said...

Alas, I have no toaster! But I think I have a 2-for-1 coupon for McDonalds McGriddles... there ya go... run along now!


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