Friday, April 28, 2006

for the birds

tower of curlers
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Prepping for my last day with long hair, I rolled my hair in curlers and slept in them overnight. Then, I decided that for maximum effect, I would leave them in all morning as I got ready for work and just take them out in morning traffic.

While walking the monster, I pointed a Blue Jay out to him, because he likes to chase birds (Yorkies are hunting dogs- don't laugh!). We pass the birdie, and I suddenly feel like my hair is falling over. Oh no! I reach up to catch the falling section when my hand hits something... I look down @ my shadow, and... IT'S THE BLUE JAY!!


I guess one of my curlers looked liked his girlfriend or something, because it was totally trying to pull my hair out! Ack! We took off running for at least a block, then had to figure out how to get home. That damn Blue Jay was still sitting on the same section of fence when we tried to get home...

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