Wednesday, April 26, 2006

kick back

kick back
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March 24th was the pay-out date of my company's 2005 bonus hold-back, as well as the Q4 bonus payout date.

[This sounds odd- I know. My company doesn't trust it's employees to maintain their employment based solely on job satisfaction, so they hold back 1/2 of our bonuses each fiscal quarter, until the end of the year- to encourage you to stay. If you don't stay till the payout date, you forfeit all of the hold-back money, as well as your 4th Quarter bonus. Total scam.]

Upon the payout date, I discovered that I had a nice little bonus established, about 5k before taxes (drat!), and was quite happy that I'd decided to stay employed, as I never thought I'd make it that long. However, I noticed in the paperwork that my bonus was not calculated for Q4. WTF?! I assumed that this was because I was out on disability for 2 weeks of Q4, in which case, we were preparing to launch a hefty lawsuit. I asked my RVP (boss) what the deal was, and rather than do any actual work, he told me to call HR.

Being the slacker that I am, I waited to do this until day 6 of my 2 weeks' notice. Heh. Fortunately, the compensation manager I had to work with seemed to have no clue as to the fact that this is the last week I am working for the company. Paperwork has been pushed through in a record 3 days, and I should have a check in my hand by Friday. Though my Q4 bonus came out around a grand, $200 will hit my 401k, the gov't will steal take out about $400 in taxes, leaving me with about $400 for me myself and I. Almost covers my recent shopping binge. Yay money.

There's some temptation to stop contributing to my 401K with these last 3 checks that are coming, but at the same time, it's pretax, so I should just leave it alone. After all, it'll only be about an extra $100 in each check- not that $300 is chicken feed. It'll at least cover a new piercing or two, and some mongolian bbq when I pass through Richmond next week.

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