Sunday, April 16, 2006

good intentions

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A recent letter to my boyfriend~type person. Please note that I am not asking for his approval here. More like, letting him know that the decision has been made, and unless he wants to be a huge asshole, he needs to drop the opposition act and love it, however it turns out.
After out conversation last weekend, I had pretty much put the idea of cutting my hair short out of my mind until today, when mom called to tell me that she had a coupon for a free haircut & style at a good-sounding salon in Alexandria, that is about to expire on Friday. She mentioned that they could cut my hair the way I need it for the 'Locks of Love' hair donation charity, and would likely do a way better job of it than any Hair Cuttery, or similar chop-shop. I tend to agree.

I still can't determine if I decided against the hair donation thing out of my fear of short-hair, superstitious selfishness, or actual doubt over whether or not my hair is too chemically damaged for use (though even if it is, they'll still sell it and use the proceeds towards the cost of wig-making). But as she offered the free certificate, it occured to me that change is good, and donating it would benefit some kid way more than it does for me, especially as much as I complain about my long hair. A shorter cut will be interesting, it'll still grow out fast, and after all, it's just hair.

I know that you prefer my hair long, and you know I'm not doing this as any sort of 'act of defiance' against it. I really think that it's something I can do to benefit another human being, someone who's gone through more personal struggle than I ever hope to experience, and really- I couldn't put forth less effort than getting a haircut if I tried. It doesn't cost me anything, and I think that the reward for someone else will be great. So I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do it, and I hope that you can support me and my decision. I mean, you'll still smell my hair in your sleep, I just won't be able to whip you in the face with it (you're weeping- i know). :)

I'm gonna make an appointment for next week @ this salon, let them know what I'm doing, and ask their advice in terms of how to cut, and what will look good with my face & body shape. Since the charity can't use bleached pieces, I'll weed those out myself, and save them for dye experiments- maybe make my own little multi-color extensions! I also sincerely doubt that I'll go any shorter than I absolutely have to, so some of these pictures may be of shorter haircuts than I'll have to get. But I'm pretty sure they'll have to take at least 12" (though the charity asks only for at least 10") because of my split/uneven ends.

That's all, check out the photos I sent, and tell me what you think.



ragazzahelena said...

hi there.. dunno how i got into your blog but was interesting to read you :D


H e l e n a

PS: Im movig to DC within 7 months so hope i can go to the drive-in someday, always dreamed about going one.

Anonymous said...

I hope you changed your mind, b/c Locks of Love deceives people. They do NOT use any more than 1% of donated hair for kids' wigs. They are one giant scam!

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