Monday, April 17, 2006

repetez s'il vous plait

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(apologies for french inaccuracies... ^_^ )

so i just realized that I've blogged at least once a day for the last few days. I feel all special for that.

i've been reading a bit lately about the different styles of bloggers, and looking to my favorite/most followed blogs- to see what it is that i seem to prefer reading from other people, and i must say it's quite a mix. one thing that holds true- myspacers are traditionally experiental; whereas anyone running a site with half decent manipulatable design standards tends to be referential.

not that that has anything to do with anything, but.... ya know. observations. also, i love audio-posting. i love it when i do it as well as other people. other people more so because i tend to recoil at the sound of my own recorded voice. how i'm ever gonna get that album going i have no idea. heh.

also, in a somewhat proud moment, i turned down physical pleasure from a gentleman who's company i have wanted to keep for two and a half years. wooooahh. yes, that's right. trying to remember what it is to be a good woman. though my relationship is rife with compound flaws, that's not an excuse to cheat. if i wanna see someone else, i just need to let him know. for now, i wait.

quitting my job was terribly anticlimactic, but necessary. i've done more thinking about my future, and what i'm going to do next... more than i have in the last 4 years i spent with my company. it's necessary, and it feels rather good. like all of the sudden i've regained control of my own fate. the responsiblity is frightening, but also a bit of a relief.

turns out i'm not a puppet after all. ♥

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