Sunday, May 07, 2006


Red Flavor
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a few quick notes:

*in case you didn't know- without sex, i become a very docile and boring girl.
*i should probably start making actual attempts to gain new employment sometime soon. possibly maybe.
*i should not, however, persue any job that won't allow me to keep my purple streaks in my hair.
*my puppy, with his new haircut, is quite possibly the softest most cuddly animal on earth. seriously.
*i have spent the last week living in cropped jeans. between the calves and heels, i look like i have ankles. it's kinda awesome.
*i would really like to get a tattoo next week. i might just get something random just to get the first one over with already.
*i have this unfortnate tendancy to get all dolled up, just to go nowhere and instead live vicariously through others. this needs to change.
*i should not be allowed to have any crushes for a long while. i'm not ready for that isht right now.
*i really just wanna go out and dance, and since none of my friends want to go with, i'm gonna have to grow some balls and go it alone. i just don't wanna be "that girl".
*i'm never getting married. marital success just isn't in my genes, or my step-genes for that matter.

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Anonymous said...

Yes for sure, because being "that guy"
sucks;but being and doing and going on alone gives me inner strength.. marital success for me, attempted and failed just makes me want to stay at it alone.. but again, thats just me.

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