Friday, May 26, 2006

:: yawn ::

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le sigh.

The blogosphere has gone quiet, as far as me and my bookmarks are concerned. Jessaisms came back for a second to tell us about a NY Times article in which she was quoted. Vasta is on vacation in the Dominican Republic, somewhere I once looked at visiting last year while I was searching Site 59for vacation spots. (I can't wait for his Flickr flood!)

I've been keeping myself e-busy with job applications on, The Federal Gov't job search engine, and the Washington Post. I even had a job interview on Tuesday, to which I wore my nose stud, and curled my faded light denim highlighted hair, paired with a smart knee legnth black skirt and coral 3/4 sleeve sweater. I was corporate punk. I have another interview next Tuesday, for a job where the payscale appears to be around $10k less than my previous position, but still more than I'm making now ($0). I'll be wearing my nose stud to that interview as well.

The more I read, the more I take note of word choice, both in my thought and speech. Imagine the difficulty of maintaining consistent stream-of-conciousness writing style while presiding over sentence structure as though you were playing Jenga with chopsticks.

Now think of how long it took for me to put that one together. (I'd hate for you to think that kind thing were effortless, I only hope it was logical.)

I'm more than halfway through White Teeth, by Zadie Smith, and ashamed of myself for taking so long to get inside it. I love reading literature from foreign authors, because it makes me miss those places, and want to be around those people. Now I have a jones for all things English (read: British), though I still don't understand the attraction of beans on toast. Not usually one to make future plans, it's even allowed me to answer one of the girliest questions, "What I'll name my future child if it's a girl" (Clara Irie). Now I can't wait till I get my hammock next Monday, and I can dive headfirst in to the volumes on my bookshelves. As a parting gift, here is my favorite quote so far:

"Our children will be born of our actions. Our accidents will become their destinies. Oh, the actions will remain. It is a simple matter of what you will do when the chips are down, my friend. When the fat lady is singing. When the walls are falling in, and the sky is dark, and the ground is rumbling. In that moment our actions will define us. And it makes no difference whether you are being watched by Allah, Jesus, Buddah, or whether you are not. On cold days a man can see his breath, on a hot day he can't. On both occasions, the man breathes."


Vasta said...

I'm back! But I'm still computer-less, so it might be a couple of days before my posting (especially my Flickr posting) gets back to a regular schedule. I do have some recent posts on the blog though, I'm trying to catch up. (Losing Jessa was not kool. I loved her blog.)

Stringle said...

Hi there,
odd out of the blue post (as is the way of the internet) ; just revising for an English exam in which I'm studying White Teeth (just researching whether the "Our accidents will become their destinies" part was a quote or not) and google came upon your blog.. I've ended up being nosey and reading through. Uh, I don't know whether thats obtrusive but.. always interesting to see an insight into someone helluvalongwayaway.

And Beans on Toast? British staple, but I don't know whats so nice about them either. They taste like crap when they get anything slightly cooler than straight off the hob.

Erm. Good luck with life. If luck comes into it.

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