Monday, July 17, 2006


Sumatran Tiger @ DC Zoo
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Ya know... I've had a good weekend. Not terribly exciting, but enough to make me feel real positive about what I've got going on right now, which is a pretty nifty thing.

What's spawned this little nugget of joy? My computer. YES.

I travelled south to Richmond this weekend, to assist 2 of my best friends in their continued persuit of finally getting married this year. We all have motivation issues, and it seems that the production of their invitations (we're also d.i.y.'ers) stalled a few weeks back. I got to help my boy Mike with some layout ideas while Shannon was working a show at our local concert venue, as she is the last one of us that has maintained her employment there (my last year being '04, and Mike's in '05). Once we'd constructed a lovely prototype for Shannon's approval, Mike helped me upgrade my happy little ibook machine to OSX 10.4... TIGER!

Oh yes... I've been waiting a looooong time for my widgets ladies and gentlemen, and now I just can't be stopped. Things I've noticed since the upgrade:

1. Airport signals are stronger. (Is this my imagination?) Signals that used to come in with 1-2 bars, now flood my machine with 3, and sometimes 4- and in places where there once was no signal detected at all. This makes me happy, because now that I'm setting up office in my bedroom (double entendre), I know that I'll also be able to use the internet in there, which was previously impossible.
2. The Internet is... dare I say, smoother. Pages load faster, but not jarringly- items don't just *pop* into view, but rather... develop. I may be hallucinating.
3."Look at all these little things! So busy now..."
Chers widgets, je t'aime. To add to my collection, I have downloaded the wikipedia widget, radio tuner, as well as sing that itune! I resisted the chi pet, but just barely. Widgets appear to be the new (or nearly year old) incarnation of the dancing hamster. And once I learn to understand (and use) things like 'aperture' and 'f-stop' in my photography, I'll surely need to get the depth of field calculator, right?

So, that is my shortlist so far. I'm just so happy to be up to speed. If you're running Tiger, let me know what other things I should be noticing, and also what sort of widgets are bringing you fluffy bits of joy.

And tomorrow... (gasp!) ...tales of your dear coporatemonkey's latest role as a beta tester! Who would've thought? I'd better go add that to my resume...

g'night ♥


Vasta said...

I'm lovin' Tiger as well, though I got sick of widgets real quick. In fact, I've disabled Dashboard now, there's just no real use for it for me. Those widgets are quite pretty though, I must admit.

So what's all this about beta tester? Now you've got me all curious and stuff.

Alex said...

Ya know, your mention of a depth of field calculator widget got me wondering, and so I Googled it. And in doing so I found a pretty cool online DOF calculator in case one doesn't have a widget handy (here).

CorporateMonkey said...

vasta : please forgive for the lack of beta testing tales. I knew I shouldn't have written that i'd be posting them tomorrow, but alas- i couldn't help myself.

due to an unfortunate series of events my online time was cut drastically, but i will bet getting back into the swing and posting on that soon. :)

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