Sunday, July 23, 2006


Capital Fringe
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tonight, and for the second time, i went to see a good play with a horrible title, Gutta Beautiful. a good friend of mine (see previous entry below) played 'the angel of music', spinnin from a dj booth upstage of the set. he's the only reason i knew anything about this show, and though he said he'd leave my name at the door, I had to hustle to get in, 2 NIGHTS IN A ROW. bamma.

in any case, tonight i saw it from the start- and realized that i was basically watching my relationship play out live on stage. watched the lead male tell the same tired lies i've heard, but from a new perspective- and now i'm wondering how i allowed myself to end up here.

only problem is that i don't know what happens next- because we are past the point that the couple on stage was in at the end of the play, and we got back together, again. did they?

i hope not, and maybe i should take that as my queue to exit as well.

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lovin' the addition of the links. and let me know what email address to send the invite to.

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