Thursday, August 10, 2006

...and everyone in their place

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I once read something about how everyone fills a need. Everyone does what they do to fill some fundamental void, and that which they have a predilection for allows them to fall naturally in line with the balance of the universe. Lately I've been questioning what my faculty may be, in relation to the activities that I appear to have a propensity for, or those that bring me (seemingly) favorable attention. I suppose it is my weakness for attention and positive reinforcement that allows me to entertain such contemplation.

When you are repeatedly chosen for a particular kind of work or activity, the seed is planted that this is something you do well and have a talent for. The necessity to use any actual talent or skill is inconsequential, as the repeat business is proof enough that you're doing something right. After all, you'd close the store if you no customers.

I wonder if this is how artists spend their lives painting cute bunnies, because that's all collectors want to buy from them- or how prostitutes are born of young women who seek to please young men that provide a temporary haven from abusive households.

I'm still trying to find my place, though I'm pretty sure it's not what the people keep asking of me. I really hope not anyway.

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Alex said...

This may seem like strange advice, but check out Aristotle's "Ethics," perhaps the world's oldest and best guide for finding a path through life.

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