Sunday, November 18, 2007

sign 'o the times

I have all but stopped blogging completely.

I used to post daily on MySpace, then as commenting and attention waned, I lost interest in putting so much effort in to it (though I still change my custom background monthly). I've made peace with the fact that I'm not one of those people who blogs for themselves, to document stuff of importance- or one who's all open with their personal life. I tend to do it to share some kind of information. To entertain, amuse, inform- that's my format.

However, when your audience is small, and not terribly interested in participating, it gets old. Fast. That's been my experience anyway.

So now I'm almost exclusively LiveJournal-ing. Even then, there's a slant to my posting, because my boyfriend has read-access, so I don't rattle on about how fine Reggie Bush is (which hardly counts because that's like- common knowledge), or even about how pissed off I am that it's nearly 11pm and I haven't heard from him all day. Cause yo- that sucks, see? I am on a few groups over there though; including a knitting community, local washington dc communities, and a very special all-girls group where we talk about buys/sex/whatev. In my journal, I mostly just complain about whatever has excited or inconvenienced me that day. WOO-HOO. I'm pretty sure people are losing interest in me there too.

So I'm deciding whether or not it's worth it to me to purchase a domain independantly, and start some sort of *formal* blog, outside of Blogspot/LJ/MySpace... hell, I hardly even Flickr anymore. It's mostly Ravelry (which is SO RAD, btw; and a great model of what a niche internet community/web 2.0 app should be) & ThisNext.

I suppose one thing I'm wondering is this: if I'm still popping up in your RSS reader or you occasionally visit, drop a comment or something and let me know. I'm determining whether or not to pull the plug altogether.

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Vasta said...

I'm still around, and always looking forward to your updates. Though I know what you mean: blogging isn't necessarily the most-community driven activity. I look at it as a personal publishing tool for me, a kind of archive. So for me, it's still worth it, despite my amazingly small audience.

Whatever you do choose, let me know so we can definitely stay in touch! (Twitter is good for that though.)

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