Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And She's Just My Type

I love love love these hand painted knitting needles by souptoknits in her etsy shop, and have had them in my favorites ever since coming across them months and months ago. I figured that when the time came that I would need some straight needles of some random size, I'd buy them from her.

unfortunately, when that time came, i needed the needles right then, and couldn't wait for them to arrive through the mail. now that i find myself the owner of 2 pairs of Clover bamboo straight needles (one each, sizes US 4 and US 3), i am thinking that it's time to break out the old art kit and remind myself that i went to art school, and that there's a reason i've held on to all my supplies for so damn long.

it's that, or return the needles, and my boyfriend kinda hates when i do that. and who knows, i may need them again someday... right?

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Nell said...

Cool needles!

I try to think of supplies as an investment rather than a storage problem!

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