Monday, June 09, 2008

controlled chaos

Almost 2 weeks ago I decided to start buying all the things I'd been holding myself back from due to some changes in my personal life, but reeled myself in just before loading my virtual shopping carts with dozens of skeins of yarn, scrubs and salves from LUSH, and countless variably sized pouches from sellers on Etsy. I did, however, cave and purchase this:


THAT, ladies and gentlemen is a knittine needles organizer (multi) from hihowareyou designs on Etsy. I've been looking for a good needle organizer since I've started to accumulate more straight and double point needles, but I also have a few small guage circulars (for socks), some crochet hooks, and a stitch holder. The fabric (called Sophisticated) caught my eye but I initially held back, knowing that my friend Ayana was also in the market for one, and goes by SophistaKnit on Ravelry. When she passed on it, I pounced! When I returned home on Friday from another week-long conference in Maryland, it was folded up in my mailbox, and a ferocious unwrapping revealed an excellently constructed case with lots of compartments for different sized needles, and the same gorgeous fabric from the pictures. Here's how I've filled it so far:


Not one of my better photos, but the needles still in little plastic sleeves are as such because the sizes are not marked on them! I'm planning on painting them sometime this weekend and then I'll be able to remove them. Love love love love love this thing, and now I'm seeking to pickup some coordinating fabric from another Etsy seller to re-do my interchangeable circular needle set case. I want them to match!


Eliza said...

Pretty! Let me know if you want to run to Georgetown for some face-to-face Lush. I need to pick up a birthday gift before the end of the month....

CorporateMonkey said...

I've never been to the Georgetown location, so I'm down!

Nell said...

That's a great needle case. And I heart Lush the most!

sillydoggies said...

Love Lush!! I'm in for G'town too.

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