Tuesday, June 10, 2008

me me me

Not having been tagged for a meme in awhile, I've decided to make up my own! Who knows if it will be any good or spread, (or perhaps it's been done already), but i like it and so here we go.

You Had to be There Photo Meme
1. Post 8-10 photos from your cellphone camera album with descriptions, to tell us why you hang onto these shots!
2. Look in the pictures folder on your cell phone to determine how many photos you have saved, and how many you will post. 8-10 is a good sample, so if you have 100 photos, choose every 10th photo. If you have 80, post every 10th photo for a total of 8, or every 8th photo for a total of 10. You get it- do the math.
3. Don't make it totally random- be sure to work it out to every 3rd, 5th, 10th, or 12th photo, depending on how many shots you have saved in there.
4. Don't skip- if the pattern falls on a photo you're not willing to post (boobs! junk!), just say so and keep moving along.
5. Any questions? Put 'em in the comments!

1. 1/31/07: A little girl with her grandmother in the pharmacy waiting area @ my doctor. She was too cute.

2. 3/23/07: A photo of DW from when I went to visit him in NYC when he was taping The World Series of Pop Culture 2 as part of team Jammin' on the 1.

3. 6/27/07: Riley hiding under the table with a small gift box he thought was his... greedy little monster!

4. 8/7/07: Riley and I about to take a little nap, and me trying to get a cute picture before falling asleep. haha

5. 10/04/07: The staples they put in my belly button to hold it together after gall bladder surgery.

6. 12/22/07: Though we will prolly never know why, for some reason my stepdad wanted to drop into Merv's Joke Shop on our way home from dinner one night while in North Carolina visiting my step-brother and sister at Christmas time. There's a giant inflated penis above his head and I'm not gonna take a picture? HA!

7. 2/17/08: Riley being lazy and sprawled out on a chair @ mom's house while we were house sitting.

8. 4/03/08: I happend upon these oddly shaped condoms in a drug store and needed to capture them for posterity. And ladies, if a guy comes at you with a dolphin or conch shell on his wang, run. Seriously.

9. 5/13/08: Me modeling a sweater I bought well over a year ago but hadn't worn until that day, because it was too tight and pulled across my chest and stomach. I had told DW how happy I was to finally be able to wear it, and he wanted to see.

10. 5/21/08: DW sipping his drink at a diner we went to for breakfast on Wednesday morning before we headed off to LA for the Dodgers game.

11. 5/31/08: A picnic lunch I purchased @ Le Pain Quotiden in Alexandria, then took down to the river and sat under some shade trees with Riley, listening to the waves splash the rocks and relaxing until we had to leave because people kept trying to play with him while I was trying to nap. (the food seen is a curry chicken salad sandwich with cranberry chutney, fruit salad, and mint lemonade.)

12. 6/8/08: The Barbie Lancer. I see this car in my neigborhood all the time- and the girl that drives it is a super-blonde who also wears pink. It's spooky. I think she's Barbie.

Taa-daa! In retrospect I prolly should've picked every 12th photo, but when I started this idea I didn't realize how many pictures I had in there! And to re-do now would be a completely different meme. Looking forward to see if anyone else on my blogroll decides to give this a try!

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