Thursday, June 05, 2008

last night

hey, remember that hat? i finished it!

top fin left
ooh la la!

once finished, i determined that all there was left to do was rip it out.

d'oh but why? you're what?!
huh? what? why?!

well see, i liked the way i modified the placement of the lace pattern, so that it staggered rather than lined up in a straight line; but due to an unforseen lack of yardage, i only did 3 repeats instead of 4, so it was more of a beanie than a smooshy slouchy hat. and i don't like that it has consumed ALL of my beautiful Logan Circle, since the yarn was thinner than what the pattern called for. I want something a little more substantial- a little more mileage out of my 2 skeins. 30 minutes after finishing, zee hat... she was frogged.

told you so have you thought about this? maybe it can work....
a wide headband? a burgler mask? a cowl?

nope sorry. totally unravelled. i put it on, wrapped the end around the doorknob to my hotel room and took off running towards the elevator. that made a pretty big mess, but was hella fun. now i get why there are so many cartoons of cats playing with yarn.

perhaps i've been a bit rash
anyone wanna help me undo all the knots?


susanpdh said...

Bring it to Murky, I'll help you rewind. Too bad, beautiful hat. There are a couple of cute scarf/cowl patterns on rav that might work.

Nell said...

Good luck with the knots!

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