Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Na Na Na Na

I really have no right casting on for a new project, when two others are wilting on the vines, but I just could not be stopped. Early this morning (or late last night, whichever you prefer) I started the So You Think You Can Hat (rav link only) for various silly and self-satisfying reasons:

1. I love that show (So You Think You Can Dance).
2. I love this yarn. It was the start of my stash, purchased at the end of my last Beginning Knitting class, where I was taught to knit continental by Elspeth (A++ knitting teacher).
3. I don't have a cute slouchy hat, and I bed I'll look cute in one.
4. This hat will match my sidekick 3, my other favorite accessory.
5. I cannot rip out another pastie without doing something else right first.

and look how well it's going!


Love that lemon! The yarn is Logan Circle from Neighborhood Fiber Co. Alas, I've noticed that in recent dye batches the shade has changed slightly- so never again will I get these exact colors. I just wanna fly through this hat and then never take it off.

Of course, in my haste I misinterpreted some of the stitches, and decided that sl2, k1, psso, k4 meant to pass the 2 slipped stitches back to the left needle, and then knit into them. no no no no no. glad i figured it out before finishing the first round... which of course only happened because i had too many stitches left over after the last repeat. d'oh!

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Nell said...

I still love that color!

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