Monday, June 02, 2008

oh halp

I'm sick of pasties (having just ripped another one back that was FAR too big, and now waaaay overdue), bored with the boyfriend sweater (endless 7x1 ribbing), and need another knitting distraction. There are 2 balls (510 yds) of Neighborhood Fiber Studio Sport in Logan Park that have been staring at me from the bottom of my stash, as they are the first 2 skeins of yarn i bought after finishing my Beginning Knitting class at Knit Happens. Before I knew anything about how much yarn it takes to make a... whatever. All I knew was that it was bright green and for sale- thus mine.

Logan Circle (sport)

I'd love to make a cute tank with it, but I don't have enough yardage. A hat? Too much leftover. That's where you come in. I have complied a list of potential patterns, but am having trouble choosing. I'm aware that I have a small audience, but that means your opinion is all the more important! Of course I'll also tell you the same thing I tell my boyfriend: I'll ask for your opinion, and I'll listen to it, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'll actually follow it. Cause I'm difficult like that.

The Contenders
1. Lace Ribbon Scarf (web) (ravelry)
2. Haruha Scarf (web) (ravelry)
3. Morning Surf Scarf (web) (ravelry)
4. Shifting Sands Scarf (web) (ravelry)
5. So You Think You Can Hat (a hat inspired by Mia Michaels on So You Think You Can Dance (ravelry only)
6. Snicket Socks Scarf - I'm thinking of lifting the honeycomb stitch pattern of the Snicket Socks, and making a scarf with it; but I fear the lack of constant tension will cause the honeycomb to collapse rather than keep the open lattice pattern. (ravelry)
7. Koolhaas (web) (ravelry)

Now- if I do a hat, I will almost certainly have enough yardage left for a scarf as well, albeit a slightly shorter or skinnier one. I considered trying to do both a Koolhaas hat and arm warmers, but thought the combo might be a bit too matchy-matchy. Ladies and gentlemen cast your votes- I need some guidance!

ps... though if you must know, i'm leaning towards the Haruha Scarf + So You Think You Can Hat, as I think the stitch patterns would compliment each other if I were to wear them together; but only because of my collapsing honeycomb fears for the Snicket.

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Nell said...

I'm with you... Haruha Scarf. Very pretty!

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