Friday, June 13, 2008

So You Think You Can Recap (Results v.1)

So I'm actually gonna post this one on time 'eh? I hate to use the excuse "life got in the way", but I just did. On the off chance that even one of you who are reading also watches this show but didn't watch it live, I'll put the rest under a cut lest I spoil you. I've got a DVR too ya know- I know how it is...

I literally just finished watching the performance show just before pressing play on the results, thus didn't vote and can't complain too much if my candidates don't make it through. But first the opening number from Wade Robson. (song: Cobrastyle, Robyn) It's a street fight between Panic at The Disco, Faith No More, and Pat Benetar's punked out Battlefield girls. Blondes with black eyebrows never really did much for me since Madonna was Desperately Sought as Susan, but Joshua is NOT PLAYING. ha! That was pretty good- seemed like much more than 20 people on stage.

Let's not draw this out, 'eh? Bottom 3 couples are:
1. Kourtni & Matt
2. Raven & Jamie (and OMG Raven what are you wearing?)
3. Jessica & Will

No big surprises there. Matt killed it for Kourtni, Jessica tripped up a bit with the tango and it really didn't give Will much opportunity to show his skills, and I honestly can't tell who was worse between Rayven & Jamie. They just seemed to forget they were doing hip-hop.

Now for the 'Legends of Dance' segment, in which we watch Poppin' Pete's son perform for most of the time, and kid has some apparent cockyness from the way he eggs on the crowd and can't stand still when he's supposed to. S'ok though, cause we might see him next season, unless he's already making a good enough living on his own. It was a pretty tight performance, honestly. Kinda nifty since unlike American Idol, the majority of us will never really see what the winners of this show really go on to do.

Solo Critiques
1. Kourtni: Reminds me of Kimberly Stewart, but dances happy and the fact that she's 5'9 makes a lot of her arial work even more amazing.
2. Matt: Still has that grin plastered to his face. I wonder if he came from one of those teachers who tells you to smile no matter what. His face just doesn't match his body, which is a shame because he's an excellent technical dancer.
3. Raven: Awful costume, and would've been so much better on pointe. You're in trouble girl. (Nigel later agrees with me! A++ me.)
4. Jamie: A valiant effort- but that's gotta be tough for a ballroom dancer. Not sure how that was received- maybe loose the shiny shirt next time.
5. Jessica: ahhh Paramore- excellence choice of song, but I kinda hate the whole "I'm gonna dance out the lyrics" thing.
6. Will: Oh honey, Debbie Allen would kick your ass if you got sent home- but a wonderful solo. He's just gotta partner better.

Alrighty Then, let's get this Pussy Cat Dolls performance out of the way. Though I gotta give it to 'em for having live mics. And if someone could give me the number for Nicole Scherzinger's trainer, it'd be much appreciated.

Who's Going home
Girl: Raven
Guy: Jamie

I think Raven was having too much fun, and not enough fight. Jamie unfortch fell victim to being up against 2 other guys who were technically excellent, and was dragged into the bottom 3 by his partner, Raven. This also means that there will be no re-partnering, so everyone will have the same level of familiarity with each other for next week.

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Sameer Vasta said...

No re-partnering! Woohoo! That means I get more Twitchington in my life!

Feel bad for Jamie a little though.

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