Thursday, June 26, 2008

So You Think You Can Recap (Results v.3)

Results time! It's been a looooong evening here already, so I'm getting a late start on the recap, but that's not really a new occurrence now is it? Let's dive right in, as I should be going to bed early tonight.

(song: The Dance - Charlotte Martin ) It's Cirque de Contemporary Hip Hop! I do love the costumes and props though. It really forces them to perform as characters though, which I pretty much love. They're using cameras that aren't keyed up for the lighting again though- blarg. Mark's impressing me more every show, that's for sure. And it's a Mia Michaels routine- yay! And could I dress Cat for just one week? ONE WEEK? Oh how happy I would be. She appears to have turned a pillow sham into a dress. Oh help.

It's time to reveal our bottom 3 couples already? Wow- those kids sure got out of costume and makeup quick after that "live" performance! Amazing! And why do I call them kids? They're not that much younger than me...

Bottom 3 couples are:
1. Chelsea & Thayne
2. Comfort & Chris
3. Kourtni & Matt

Chelsea came out dressed for a solo- she knew she was going up. I'd vote to keep her on outfit alone! Chelsea & Thayne was no surprise- Nigel had already warned them to prepare their solos the second they finished. Same with Comfort & Chris. The strong performances from last night were far too strong for anyone to squeak by on personality or popularity. I agree with Alan when he said that in some cases it's the luck of the draw- another couple could've really ripped the choreography Comfort & Chris got, but they just weren't up to the task on that one. The last couple I think was the toughest call. Kourtni & Matt hat a quirky routine that might not have won audience favor, but Jessica was sooo slippin' in the disco. I'm honestly sad that Will and Jessica got through, because I think Will's carrying her through. She better figure that out and start pulling her weight.

Ryan, Dominic, & Hawk are part of a dance troupe called Quest, and tonight's guest performers- awesome! Dominic & Hawk were two of my favorites from seasons past. (song: Chemical Calisthenics - Blackalicious feat. Cut Chemist) ooooh.. Guario's gonna be sad he missed this. Damn they've got a lot going on up there on stage. Pretty nice considering all the stops and starts in the music- I wonder what Shane Sparks would've said about it.

Solo Critiques
1. Chelsea: Ohhh I love this song. and while she's doing a fair amount of jumps and leaps she's got some good floor work too. They better keep her.
2. Thayne: Finally, a mildly serious facial expression! He used the hell out of the space, but I'm not sure how I really feel about that weird stair leap. He kind of ran circles around himself.
3. Comfort: Comfort's using the space much better this time, but I wish there was a little more upper body stuff going on. It'd be nice to see her mix some of the techniques she's learning on the show into her solo hip hop routines.
4. Chris: I don't know... Chris just doesn't really excite me. He's good, but just not exciting.
5. Kourtni: She dances so clean. Her solo was flawless in my opinion, and she really looks like she's just dancing for herself, which is lovely.
6. Matt: So fluid and not at all leap dependent, which I think is a mistake the men often make in their solos. Look how high I can jump! Keep me!

I think comfort and Chris are in trouble. I'm sort of aching for a repartnering, but I don't think it's gonna happen this week either. While the judges deliberate we get a performance from Jordin Sparks, but no backup dancers? I'm sure Simon Fuller has nothing to do with this. I do love her dress, though so far I'm not impressed with the singles that have gone out to radio. Shame about that wardrobe malfunction (her bra's poking out the front of her dress), but the director seems to be attempting to compensate. See- this is why you always 'tech the dress'.

Who's Going home
Girl: Chelsea
Guy: Chris

LIVID! Chelsea goes home? ARE YOU KIDDING? Nigel didn't know Kourtni started with a K- are we sure he didn't confuse Chelsea for Comfort? OR JILL? I want a recount and a labotomy for Mary. Unbelievable. I can only hope they're sending her home because they've already gotten calls from producers wanting to book her. She is obviously shocked to be going home, and should be. Astounding. If Comfort doesn't kick ass next week I'll be mad because she stole a week from my girl.
Chris is out, which I'm not too surprised about- it was left between he and Thayne and I'm not really a fan of either of them. As for the new Thayne & Comfort pairing- I don't have a lot of confidence in those two. It should be interesting to see what style they choose next week.

Chelsea? Seriously..? Really...?


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