Wednesday, July 09, 2008

of stuff and things

Oh what a month this has already been! Only the 9th day- not quite a third of the way through, and i've been to the pool, been to a movie, got a new video game (Guitar Hero: AEROSMITH), had a 4-day weekend, started 2 new knitting projects, and finished... none. I've also started a new hobby I call, "spending money like there's no recession". You should try it, it's fun! (ok, maybe you shouldn't.)

Knitpicks put some books on sale (sorta but not really), and I sprinted towards them, adding bare yarn, dye, and a baker's dozen of DPN's to the pile. I went to LUSH and got my mitts on some sweet sweet Ocean Salt, scoring some conditioner samples on my way out. I've joined a new yarn club, Three Irish Girls' Stash Menagerie, which is loaded with options to buy up extra skeins of the yarn of the month, and even have the colorway dyed on different yarns- for when the colorway screams "SWALLOWTAIL SHAWL!" but the yarn of the month is bulky weight. You also get to choose from a varigated colorway or a coordinating semi-solid. OR BOTH! Oh how I do love options.

JUST NOW I joined a CSA! Local veggies through OCTOBER! Rad. Soon I'll be buying a bike, and maybe a sewing machine. Maybe a new car. Maybe a new home.

Many of these new purchases were made possible by the fact that a once planned move to the west coast was cancelled within the last few months. Now that I no longer have to worry about hauling all my worldly posessions cross-country, my previous plan to rid myself of all unnecessary objects has done a 180, and become a mission to quickly surround myself with things that make me happy for even a brief period of time. Quick! Fill the void! There's room over here in this corner! FILL IT WITH SOMETHING!

Perhaps this is the wrong course of action. If I'm going to attempt to keep our economy alive single-handedly, I should do so in purchasing practical things like that bike, or a new couch. A plane ticket to visit friends in Florida, and some freakin' sunscreen.

Instead I'll soon be buying some fabric from an Etsy seller to try and cobble together some knitting needle cases. At least in many of my purchases, I'm supporting local, handmade, ecologically sound sellers. That's something I suppose.


Eliza said...

Mm, I love Ocean Salt. Just don't get it on your mouth. It does not taste like a margarita, or anything else remotely good, for that matter.

Nell said...

I hear you! New digital camera. More yarn and books about yarn. Two new bags. Embroidery patterns. OOF!!! Spending money I don't have. Now that's as American as it comes.

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