Friday, July 04, 2008

So You Think You Can Recap (Results v.4)

Late night results review! Tonight's opening number was Broadway style (song: Money Money, Cabaret) and though i rather liked most of the choreography, i think it could've benefitted from a bit more energy. I also kinda wanna fight the costumers over the many white chin straps on the mens' hats. many of them are flesh tone but every other one is stark white. distracting. Not as much as that giant grin on Thayne, but still. With any luck we'll lose him tonight. I also like Kat's dress for once, so I'll leave her alone about the necklace. There are more pressing issues afoot.

Bottom 3 couples are:
1. Kourtni & Matt
2. Courtney & Gev
3. Comfort & Thayne

Kourtni & Matt is no surprise, and realistically Comfort & Thayne aren't either- I just really had my fingers crossed to lose Jill. Courney & Gev suprised me, as I thought both of their routines were pretty strong. I'm surprised that Chelsie & Mark were able to beat them with a foxtrot and the jazz routine that wasn't all there for me. I also thought Comfort was so much better last night than in prior weeks, and I'm disappointed for her that she's getting dragged into the bottom 3 again. She's gonna have a hard time beating Kourtni & Courtney, as they're both judge favorites.

The guest performer is Robert Muraine, who tried out but obviously didn't make it on the show to compete when he walked out on auditions in Vegas. The things this guy does with his body are pretty amazing. The muscle control and balance this guy has is phenomenal. Nigel challenges him to a dance battle against another popper for the finale- but we'll see if that ever comes out. Robert doesn't seem to actually be up for competition, and Nigel calls him out on it! Trash talker!

Solo Critiques
1. Kourtni: she dances very controlled and strong; everything movement is intentional and not at all sloppy, which i love.
2. Matt: this solo is more artisitic and less showey than previous ones, which at times have been more like leap demonstrations. i kinda wanna keep him.
3. Courtney: starting so trick heavy had me concerned that's all it was gonna be, but she spread out a little more after that. it's her first solo, so it's ok. plus- she looks confident, which is great. scared is never a good look.
4. Gev: Yay! hip hop solo! and Gev is bouncing around like no one's business. he moved around much more than i would've expected. and that kid's got some good ariel tricks yo. he's half rubber!
5. Comfort: what's going on with the music and why can't i hear it? as for the routine, even Kat Deeley says "let's hope it's enough" while standing right next to the girl. it wasn't. she's going home.
6. Thayne: i think that for the song there just wasn't enough energy from him, and he nearly fell on his head during that last minute bit of gymnastics. i can't tell if he holds back, or just never goes full out. not exciting.

I'm fast forwarding through One Republic because the lead singer is just not doing it for me. I like some of their recorded songs, but what he's doing live sounds kinda painful; to hear as well as to actually be making that sound.

Who's Going home
Girl: Kourtni
Guy: Matt

HOLY CRAP. I really did not see Kourtni leaving. That girl is phenomenal. What the hell just happened? I'd already filled in Comfort's name above prior to the announcement from Nigel. Kourtni's gonna work after this though- she's gorgeous and incredibly talented. I'm glad she's so positive with her exit speech. This is the second time I've disagreed with the judges decision on the girls. Then they toss Matt? I mean, granted he and Thayne are almost interchangeable on personality but damn, I thought he was improving a bit, and his solo was WAY better than Thayne's. BLARG.

No repartnering next week, as they've tossed our tall trees. I could not be more upset that Jill keeps getting carried while more talented women are going home. Too bad there's still another week of cuts before we go down to solos and can lose her for sure.

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