Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So You Think You Can Recap (Performances & Results v.5)

Ok, so I never did get around to writing my typical recap of last week's SYTYCD. This was likely an ill-planned venture from the start, as I workout Wednesday nights from 6p-8:15p, then usually head to my mother's house for dinner while she plays with my dog, then finally home, somewhere in the 10-11pm timeframe. This means I don't watch till 11pm or the following Thursday evening, before the results show. In order to get recaps up by Thursday morning, I was doing the late night thing, and let me just tell you- it's wreaked havoc on my sleep schedule.

Tonight's recap will not be happening either, as my mother is returning from a 10-day trip to China and Japan, I'll still have my usual workout, and then Thursday morning I'm expected to be stationed at Miriam's Kitchen to help make breakfast for some of DC's homeless. (My company organizes a group to go once a month, and this is the first month I've been available to participate- so I'm in!) But six aye ehm?!? Holy crap am I ever screwed. I have a hard time getting up, but I cannot be late for this, no way no sir. Thus- no recap. Maybe Thursday. Prolly not.

Wanna hear what I thought about last week anyway? (beware, there's a spoiler regarding tonight's episode...)

I LOVE MIA. Nothing could've happend on that entire show Wednesday night that would've made me happier than when I heard her tell Will that he looked "tired of carrying her (Jessica)." Cause it's so true, and it's the only reason she's still on the show. He recovered fairly well saying that he was proud of her for growing and whatever, but the look on his face was pure, "I KNOW, RIGHT?!" Mia once again provided the only voice of reason to Mary's overexcited schtick and Nigel's hyper-critical judgement.

I may be the only person in the country not enamoured of Jessica & Will's "Garden of Eden" routine. Everything from Jessica still looked labored, and this was the kind of contemporary that I really don't get into. So whatev- at least they got dragged into the bottom 3. I really hoped that'd be the end of Jessica. Especially when they congratulated Comfort for going all out on her solo- then dismissed her. Karam, however, has a funny way of righting wrongs, and tonight's episode will find Comfort back on the show and headed out on the tour, as Jessica has apparently stepped off the SYTYCD stage due to an unspecified 'injury'. Rib fracture? Twisted ankle? Bruised ego? Anything's possible folks. Though no information has been provided as to the actual nature of her injury, doctors will say that she'll be well enough to dance in the show's finale! Oh! Happy! Day! But how on earth can they tell? A number of people would've preferred that they bring back Kourtni rather than Comfort, but them's the rules of the show kids- can't pick and choose from the cast offs (though I'd have preferred Kourtni as well). What are the chances that Comfort can make a comeback, and someone else gets sent packing tomorrow night? Slim to none if you ask me.

Thanye's departure was no surprise, as the men's competition has become hella fierce. I don't think there's a single guy I wanna see go home at this point, but Mark's deffinitely got a leg up on Gev. Style selection is going to have a major impact on tonight's show I suspect. And unless one of the girls pulls something major out of themselves, I think we're gonna have another male winner this year. Debbie Allen's calling in her favors folks- don't be surprised if you get a call from her campaign!

How many parents do you think changed the channel upon hearing the chorus of Katie Perry's performance? HAHAHA! A few hundred thousand I suppose. Her outfit was pretty cute, I must say- but I wouldn't makeout with her. Not my type.

I don't know when I'll finally get around to watching this week's episodes, but I'll see if I can't get some kind of recap up sooner thant his one came. I like doing 'em, and I like to hear what other people who are watching have to say about it too. It's just a shame I can't link you to the heated lighting/costuming discussion happening over on the SYTYCD Ravelry Group. Cause we're all pretty sure we could do a better job, and I think we've actually got enough knowledgable theater pros in there to prove it! IV REAL.

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