Saturday, November 15, 2008

Let's Talk Cupcakes

I wanna talk about cupcakes. Actually, one cupcake in particular; the Pumpkin Cupcake with Cream Cheese frosting from CakeLove in Tysons Corner.

i love you, cupcake

Uhm, HELLO? Is this thing on? Does that not look like the most scrumtious hunk of moist deliciousness EVER? Cause it was. The 5 minutes I spent trying to get a decent photo of it were agony. I'm still not happy with the photo, but I could wait no longer.

CakeLove has a bit of a bad rap since more cupcakeries have been moving into the DC Metro area over the last year or so. Admittedly the cake is often dry, the frosting oily, but I continued to make loyal stops to their U St location whenever I got my hair cut. But when I stopped at the mall Thursday to pick up lunch on the way to work, I just had to rescue the last pumpkin cupcake from the CakeLove case. And OMG was it ever worth it. You're not a completely lost cause, CakeLove. Keep it up. (Side note: looks like they've been catching some flak lately...)

After my prior disappointment with CL in Shirlington (the cake was like a stale biscuit), I tried out a new cupcakery in my neighborhood- Lavender Moon in Alexandria (which sounds more like a porn shop than a bakery to me). They had some pretty tastey and unique flavors, like S'mores and Mexican Chocolate Pudding. They were pretty good, but still not quite all I'd hoped for. Plus, they were all out of one of the seasonal flavors I was hoping to try, and the atmosphere in there is a combo of creepy and debutante. Eek!

I'm sad I never made it to Hello Cupcake when they had their seasonal Rootbeer Float cupcakes- they sounded good! I still want to try the Vanilla Gorilla (vanilla cream cheese frosting on banana cake) and Dulce de Leche (vanilla cake with caramel frosting, made with real imported dulce de leche), so the next time I find myself near Dupont Circle.

That's all. Hooray Cupcakes!

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