Thursday, December 04, 2008

First Time Caller, Long Time Listener

Ok, that's a lie. That would imply that although I follow along with your program, I'm not usually an active participant- and lately, I haven't even been tuning in.

Back in high school, my friend Anitra would offer each other the most unnecessarily lengthy affirmations by saying, "Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter!" Because we were/are silly Simpsons-loving people. Nowadays I'm an enthusiastic subscriber, but rare reader. What is this all leading up to? I give you my own personal list of:

RSS Feeds I Subscribe to, But Do Not Read

1. DCist (315 unread posts). I have a lot of guilt over this one. As much as I want to be in tune to what is happening in the city (especially since I rarely work in it anymore), the stories pile up and up and up and I just don't get around to reading through them. And honestly, after 2 days have passed, there's no reason to go back any further.
2. We Love DC (76 unread posts). No they don't. Most of the time when I did read their posts, someone was complaining about the weeds in their neighbors' yard in Petworth, or "Why have the church bells have started ringing in Petworth and are there rules to when they can ring them?" And why was the MPD diving in the Potomac this morning? Or- my favorite, "The Foggy Bottom metro escalators are broken AGAIN!" UNSUBSCRIBE.
3. Going Out Gurus (43 unread posts). Another local DC blog (this is getting shameful). Honestly, I don't have the free time to go to everything they advertise here, since I'm at the gym 2 nights a week, supposed to be doing cardio the other 3 nights, usually out with my girls at least 1 night, and feel guilty about leaving my dog home alone so much while I gallivant about the area. Also, hello- TV? My DVR fills up quickly. Perhaps instead I should really shut off the cable again and start going out more. But damn that gets expensive...
4. GraphJam (60 unread posts). Wore out its welcome, basically. I mean, how many funny(ish) pie charts can you look at a day? I'm kind of over it.
5. Jezebel (356 unread posts). HOLY LORD I CANNOT KEEP UP. It's almost as bad as BlogHer. I may have to start relying on my friend Brittany to share the important posts with me, as that's how I ended up subscribing in the first place.
6. PerezHilton(172 unread posts). Because it makes me feel dirty, patronizing a gossip blog, all while feeling like celebrity culture in this country has gone WAY off the deep end and that really, some parts of peoples' lives should be private. (But OMG who's been seen drinking while pregnant and cheating on their ex-wife's masseuse?)

Am I the only one who does this? Ocasionally I hit the reset button ("Mark all posts as read") and try to start over, but inevitably these just keep piling up. And FORGET ABOUT IT if I'm away from the computer for a few days.

What RSS feeds/blogs do you tend to fall behind on, but still keep in your feed readers?


Anonymous said...

I subscribe to about 1500 feeds, so I am horrible at keeping on top of all of them. Instead of being bad at keeping up with particular feeds, I'm bad at keeping up with posts on particular days. Wanna get my attention? Post on a day when I don't have meetings or lots to do. On those days, the "Mark All As Read" button is my best friend.

That being said, Helvetireader does make it much more enticing to read my feeds these days.

Eliza said...

Was this intentionally timed to Google's update of their Reader? B/c one new function is hiding your upread post count to quell anxiety about it :) I've been busily breaking up with blogs lately. If they don't interest me now, they'll be no good when I get a new job and actually have things to do at work...

Nell said...

I've been thinking a lot about this lately. I'm spending so much time reading blogs that I'm knitting and blogging less myself. It's kind of a conundrum. I love seeing what people are doing but it does keep me somewhat glued to the computer.

But for celebrity blogs (my guilty pleasure), I read Pink is the New Blog.

Tiffany Bridge said...

We do love DC, we just think it could do better sometimes- like with the constant safety hazard posed by the escalator situation at Foggy Bottom. ;)

But, since your post is really about feed overload, you might find this version of our feed to be more appealing to you. It's features-only, and culls out the smaller, drive-by posts that appear in our right-hand column that you do not seem to be such a fan of. We post 2-3 features per day, which are longer, and sometimes as many as 10 right-hand column posts, so this lower-traffic version might be good for you.

CorporateMonkey said...

Tiffany- this is a workable plan actually. I didn't realize there were multiple feeds. I'm gonna keep both up for now so I can see how they compare. Thanks for the feedback which will probably change but not necessarily eliminate my 'We Love DC' reading habits. :)

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